Not a copy~! A Back up~!

2013-03-20 19:31:00 by Fluxonic

This is a back up account for my original cuz i have been having problems with my main.
This is where i will post news updates if my account is broken again.
Main Account Here


2013-03-20 18:57:17 by Fluxonic

It has been YEARS since I last visited newgrounds~!
Last time I remember there was thing thing, dating sims & and the good old fashion mature section where you have to press I am 18 or older~! XD
I just recently decided to come here again and this place turned LEGIT~!
I migrated here from Deviant Art and am liking this place much better.
I am gonna try and expand here with the NG community.
I am in your care NG~! ^w^

While your reading this, you guys should check out my Blog
Over there I am named Pulse
You can also check out my DA
And if your lucky, maybe even catch my LiveStream